A downloadable vaporwave thing

A tiny Christmas experiment from a Christmas gamejam @ Sunnhordland late 2015, updated and un-gamified (but not uploaded) for #screensaverjam January 2016.

Very blatantly inspired by Hotline Miami. I was also really into vaporwave at the time. Sorry.

Everything pulsates between magenta and cyan. Move a hexagon around while the city scrolls past. There's also kind of a VHS filter. And snow.

Move the hexagon with the arrow keys. Make it expand with Z.


Made in GameMaker Studio 1.4, half before the holidays 2015 and half for #screensaverjam 2016.  Only exported to Windows. The holiday gamejam version had clipart of a Santa but uhh that's not in this build.

Explanation: Two colour variables alternate between cyan and magenta. The objects are drawn with one variable, the background is drawn with the other. The shape is drawn using primitives. Many short white draw_line lines are randomly drawn on the edges of the screen. A scanline sprite is tiled on top using bm_add/bm_subtract to create scanlines.


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vaporwave christmas.zip 2 MB

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