A downloadable audiovisual work

A very unofficial music video for Oneohtrix Point Never's song No Good, from the album Garden of Delete.

Warning: flashing images, eye strain.

Before playing:
Download a *legal* copy of Oneohtrix Point Never's Garden of Delete onto an mp3 player. Or find some other way to play it. Put on your headphones, and click play on No Good right as you start the music video.

While playing:
Move with wasd/arrow keys. Movement keys also start the music video. Press R to restart or ESC to quit. Fly around in the void. Exist.


Made in GameMaker Studio 1.4, late 2015, after class at Sunnhordland Folkehøgskole. Slightly broken. Only exported to Windows. Inspired by the Garden of Delete album artwork.

Explanation: Main character and objects are primitives drawn using draw_vertex. At certain points in the song, objects are spawned that draw individual letters from the lyrics using draw_text. At certain parts of the song, a looping 32x32 static sprite is drawn on top of everything with draw mode set to either bm_add or bm_subtract.


NO GOOD v3.zip 16 MB

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